Slide View More of the year 2008 ALTO CAR KEY GAVE BY RITU NANDA, CHAIRPERSON OF RNIS & DIRECTOR OF ESCORTS GROUP Vijay Malhotra got award of Alto Car key from Ritu Nanda, Chairperson of RNIS and Board of Director of Escorts Group Slide View More By Pawandeep Singh Anand
Managing Director (ANCO)
- Year 2019
Vijay Malhotra with Pawandeep Singh Anand Managing Director of ANCO present Appreciation and Recognition for successfully done the Annual Founder Day of ANCO at Gurgaon Office and Lalru Plant
Slide View More ALP Annual Founder 2019 got award certificate for best performance of the year 2019. Best Performance - Year 2019 Branding in Cross funcional Slide View More Manish Goel is an Indian film and television actor awarded Social Activities award Vijay Malhotra with Manish Goel in award ceremony
vijay malhotra industrial experience
Automotive Industry

OEM, Interior, and Exterior of Car Accessories, Bus Body Accessories, Two Wheeler Accessories, Mass Transit.

FMCG Industry

Toothbrush, Perfume, Mosquito Racket, Sanitizer Dispenser, Bakery products Bread, Bun, Biscuit, Cream Rolls, Cookies.

Polymer Industry

EPDM & Rubber Profiles, Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), ABS, Rigid, Granules, Gym Mat.

Footwear Industry

Shoes for Men, Woman & Kids, Safety Shoes, Sports Shoes, Sandals, Sneakers, Chappals, High Heels.

HVAC Industry

Thermal/ Acoustic/ Sound Proof Reflective and Interlocking insulations for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

Education Industry

College of Insurance/ Management/ Clinical Research/ Brokers/ Banking, Academy IIT/JEE, PMT Medical.

Brand Marketing and
Communication Professional

With a diversified industry experience spanning over 27 years of brand management in different domains, Vijay Malhotra is the epitome of an ideal blend of business skills and product knowledge. The ideology of achieving continuous improvement through innovation without compromising on quality makes him stand out from the crowd. Accomplishing customer satisfaction with dedicated efforts has enabled him to create top-tier brand equity for various multinational corporations.
Although the industry has been plagued by the pandemic, he has been successful in consistently delivering bright results for his clients.
Vijay Malhotra- a visionary leader, has navigated the mode into constantly striving to offer high-quality products and services through complete quality management, research & services.
He has varied experience with big corporations such as JSG Group – Galio (Car Accessories Manufacturing), ALP Group (Car Accessories Manufacturing), Action Shoe Group (part of the top-tier brand shoe companies in India), Escorts Group – RNIS (top-tier brand Automobile industry and its vertical in Education sector in India).
The exposure has enabled him to gain perspective from different verticals that eventually culminated into a nuanced world view of brand management strategy. Also, with all the experiences and learnings, he imbibed he aims to achieve his long-term vision of creating a sustainable ecosystem within the industry.
Additionally, with the dynamism and perseverance exhibited by him with over 27 plus years of experience, his business acumen has been a guiding light for progressive entrepreneurship.
His area of expertise includes setting up effective strategic communications and regularly following up with them to achieve the company’s goals. ATL and BTL marketing along with correctly identifying the targeted audience after a thorough analysis of the segmentation. Moreover, covering all the print and digital media platforms and fostering relations to maintain a constant relationship with the consumer and ensuring maximum reach possible. Employee communications, PR & successfully conducting product launches of the above-mentioned brands. Along with managing multiple agencies, He has also proactively organized events & exhibitions with maximum consumer interaction to better understand their requirements and accordingly coming up with effective strategic planning.
  • Strategist

    Strong in Brand strategy, Brand positioning, Brand Planning, and Execution.

  • Team Lead

    Brand team, Social media & Digital marketing, Graphic and Web designers.

  • Technology

    Strong technical skills – creative, web, print, digital, and social media marketing.

USP - Unique Selling Proposition

Years of industry experience across various domains related to Brand Positioning and Marketing
Able to craft a well Researched and Effective Strategy to create a Brand Equity
lead strategic projects across Brand design, Communication and presentation with external and internal teams
End to end Project Management from Idea Generation to implementation
Successfully completed large scale projects with promising results
Client Management and Team Management skills

Specialist & Mentor

Inshop Branding
  • Dealer Board
  • Point-of-sale
  • Counter Top Displays
  • Stud Posters
  • Cutouts
  • Banners
Vehicle Branding
Reach a
Wider Audience
  • Metro Wrapping
  • Auto Branding
  • Van Branding
  • Airline Branding
  • Bus Branding
  • Car Branding
Outdoor Branding
  • Hoarding
  • Wall Painting
  • Billboards
  • Shutter Painting
  • Flanges Signs
  • Bus Shelters
Brand Invention
Brand Architects
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Tagline
  • Brand Mascot
  • Brand Theme
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Identity
Brand Positioning
Consumer's Mind
  • Brand Tagline (Cultural symbols)
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Equity
  • Target Customers
  • Price & Packaging
  • Market Definition
Internal Branding
  • Brand Value
  • Mission and Vision
  • Employees Branding
  • Corporate Culture
  • Training
  • Sustainability
Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Goals
  • Target Audience
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Funnel
  • Annual Budget Planning
  • Marketing Tools
Sales promotion
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Dealer & Distributors Meets
  • Trade Marketing
  • Promotional Materials
  • Customer Retention Schemes
  • RWA Activities
ATL Activities (Above The Line)
  • Television Ad
  • Radio Jingle
  • Print Ad
  • Cinema Ad
  • Celebrity Endorsement
  • Agencies Collaboration
Media Planning & Buying
Brands Connect with Prospects
& Customers
  • Media Strategies
  • Research & Evaluate Market Data
  • Identify Target Audiences
  • Media Channels
  • Campaign Budget Management
  • Negotiate Costs & Execution
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Product & Model Shoot
  • Advertising Research
  • Corporate Video
  • Print Production
PR Activities
Circulating Messages Through
Media Channels
  • Advertorials
  • Media Relations
  • Press Releases
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Content Strategy
  • Newsletters
Video Marketing
Increase Audience
  • Video Brand Messaging Strategy
  • Video Marketing Project Planning
  • Liaising with Video Production House
  • Video Builds Brand Trust
  • Video Boosts Conversions and Sales
  • Video Launch Planning
Social Media Marketing
Product & Service
  • Monthly Social Media Calendar
  • Campaign Design & Execution
  • Lead Generation & Conversion
  • Traffic Generating
  • Engagement and Contest Programs
  • Live Broadcast
Ecommerce Marketing
Drive Traffic to
Online Store
  • Strategical Product Listing
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Brand Approval
  • A+ Content Listing  & Seller Flax
  • Account Health LDR
  • Packaging & Return Policy
Email & Whatsapp Marketing
Quality Leads
  • Email & Whatsapp Database Strategy
  • Conceptualizing Marketing Campaigns
  • Trigger Sequences Strategy
  • Traffic Landing Strategy
  • Analyze Campaign Performance
  • Integrating Automation Tools
Website Marketing
Increase Visibility & Attract
Relevant Traffic
  • Landing Page Strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • PPC Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Optimize Techniques Planning
  • Analytics Tools
Mobile App Marketing
Creating Loyal &
Regular User
  • Market Analysis
  • App Store Optimization Strategies
  • App Installations & Engagement Campaign
  • Increase App Downloads Strategy
  • Performance Reporting & Analysis
  • App Analytic Tools
Brand Image
Brand in the Mind of the
  • Brand Identity
  • Creates Consumer Loyalty Programs
  • Repurchasing intention
  • Customers’ Perception (Testimonials)
  • Positive Comments & Review
  • Employees Motivation
  • Show Employees Care
  • Mobile Medical Vans
  • Medical Facilities Provides in Rural Area
  • Disability Children Care
  • Ladies Breast Cancer Treatment Program
  • Associations with Hospitals and Doctors
Process of Facilitating
  • Building Positive Reputation with investors
  • Support to Schools through Donation
  • Scholarships Program
  • Retain Employees Development
  • Employees Skills Development
  • Employees Training Programs
  • Save Earth Green (Trees Plantation)
  • Save Bird Campaign
  • Save Water Campaign
  • Clean in Marketplace
  • Waste Management
  • Eco-friendly Office
Puts High Value on Innovation
& Change
  • Brand Values
  • Work Environment
  • Improving Employee Behavior
  • Reputation Management
  • Employees Expectations
  • Ethics
  • Liasioning with NGO’s
  • Support to Martyrdom
  • Distribute Food to Hungary People
  • Mass Marriage Ceremony for Poor Couples
  • Religious Program (Ramleela)
  • Community Development

27 Years Career Milestones

. . . . . . . . . . . JSG Group
Marketing Head - Group Brands (Galio, GFX, Itter, Hi-Genie, Kacthmos)
. . . . . . . . . . . ALP Group
Sr Manager - Branding & Corporate Communications (HOD)
. . . . . . Action Shoe Group
Sr Manager - Branding & Communications
. . . . . Escorts Group (RNIS)
Dy Manager - Marketing Communications

1994 To 2021 Journey

Vijay Malhotra Milestone from 1994 to 2021


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