ATL- TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Brand Positioning, Media Planning

Brand Management

Mar-Comm, BTL, GTM, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, E-commerce

Marketing Management

Corporate Communication, Public Relations (PR), CSR, Media Buying

PR and Communications

About Vijay Malhotra

Three decades of excellence in branding, marketing, and public relations

Vijay has real competence in a wide range of fields, including branding, brand marketing, e-commerce, corporate communication, public relations (PR), digital marketing, and the complex world of marketplaces.

Work Experience
Vijay Malhotra: business planning growth Icon

Business Growth Mentor

Business Planning

Vijay Malhotra: Brand Marketing Strategy

Brand & Marketing Strategist

ATL, BTL, TTL, PR, Media

Vijay Malhotra: Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Specialist

Lead Gen, Social Media

Vijay Malhotra Brand Marketing Strategist

Welcome to Vijay Malhotra Profile

Visionary with Consumer Insights, Market Trends

However, Vijay stands out as a visionary in brand strategy, understanding consumer behavior and predicting trends. Furthermore, his expertise spans across various platforms including ATL, BTL, TV, radio, outdoor, and digital platforms. In addition, he excels in managing budgets effectively for high ROI.

Work Profile - Strategic Visionary: Proficient in Planning and Execution

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ATL- TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Brand Positioning, Media Planning

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Mar-Comm, BTL, GTM, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, E-commerce

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Corporate Communication, Public Relations (PR), CSR, Media Buying

Key Competencies and Expertise​

Core Strengths of Brand Marketing and Strategist:

Building Strong Brands, Strategic Brand Positioning, Effective Brand Communication, Brand Development & Innovation, Target Audience Analysis, Marketing Strategy Development, Market Research & Analysis, Driving Business Growth Through Digital and Lead Generation Strategies.

Mastering Brand Strategy and Communication
Strategic Brand Positioning Excellence
Innovative Public Relations Development Strategies
Driving Business Growth with Strategic Marketing
Expert Digital Leads & Target Audience Engagement
Vijay Malhotra: Brand Scientist and CMO - Leadership in Marketing
Play Video about Vijay Malhotra brand scientist and chief marketing officer
Vijay Malhotra core strength in Branding and Marketing communications
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Broad Range of Industrial Experience

Versatile Expertise Across Industries:

Driving Business Excellence through Cross-Industry Expertise

Vijay Malhotra brings extensive industrial experience spanning diverse sectors, resulting in a broad range of expertise. With a background in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, Vijay has acquired knowledge across a broad spectrum of products, 

30+ Years


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Enhancing Brands: The Expert Brand Auditor

Vijay's Drives Brands to Maximize ROI

Vijay Malhotra, a skilled Brand Auditor, meticulously assesses marketing activities and budgets. With expertise in optimizing resource allocation, he enhances strategies, ensuring alignment, effectiveness, and maximum ROI.

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Evaluates Brand Marketing Effectiveness

Efficiency Aligned with Strategic Objectives

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Mastering Budget Planning and Analysis

Budget Strategies Boost Marketing Performance

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Renowned Visionary Vijay Clinches Multiple Prestigious Awards

Awards and Recognition ​

Vijay Malhotra - 2023 Leader of the Year in Advertising and Marketing, Award Ceremony Image

Leaders Awards

Leader of the Year (Advertising & Marketing)

Vijay Malhotra excels in Crafting Branding, Marketing, and PR Strategies

Indian Icon Awards

India's Most Influential Brand Marketing Leader

Vijay Malhotra: Visionary Strategic Mastery Award Recipient Image

Mahatama Gandhi Rashtriya Abhiman Puraskar

Visionary Strategic Mastery

Comprehensive Technical Proficiency: Design Tools, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, and More

Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, and InDesign. Strong Digital Marketing skills: Google ads, Facebook, LinkedIn campaigns; SEO, SEM, ASO, ORM, Analytics. Expertise in Lead Generation, Social Media ads, communication, time management, and Microsoft Office.

30+ Year Work Experience

Driving Cross-Industry Excellence with Expertise

Vijay’s FMCG background spans consumables, produce, tobacco, hygiene, devices, bakery. In Automotive, he contributes to OEMs, accessories, helmets. Polymer work includes EPDM, PVC. Footwear expertise covers shoe, hawai, safety, athletic, sandals. He collaborates in education and excels in HVAC insulation techniques & IT Industry.

Manufacturing & Industrials

Services & Education industry

Vijay Malhotra at ALP Group Global Meet: Group Photo with Management